Will a New Jersey Nets Player Really Come Out?

By Walter Armstrong

The web site posted a story last week about an unnamed star player on the New Jersey Nets is about to announce that he is bisexual. The site, which describes itself as "the leading source of urban gossip on the Internet," ran excerpts from an "exclusive" interview with "a friend of the [player's] family." According to this tipster, the Net came out as bi to his family and friends on a recent trip home. "Everyone was shocked," the anonymous source said. "We would always see pictures of him models. No one suspected that he was into men."

If true, the NBA player is in a romance that is almost sweet beyond belief. He is allegedly seriously involved with a friend he has known since childhood. "When [the player] went to the NBA, he brought along [the friend] as a personal assistant. He could have kept it quiet and nobody would have suspected. He came out because he wanted us to accept his relationship," the tipster said.

Other clues for the curious: He's African American and is often seen "dating" white women and partying with "his good friend, supermodel Tyson Beckford.", which refuses to name the Nets' player "for legal reasons," nonetheless predicts that "the NBA is about to be rocked" by his going public. (It should be noted, however, that the "family friend" said nothing about the dude risking his career and endorsements by becoming the NBA's first openly bi guy.) Other gay-related items that might catch your eye on the site include "Photos Showing NBA's Cuttino Mobley Looking Gay," "Exclusive: Brian McKnight Video'd With His 'Gentleman Friend'" and "Russell Simmons Photographed Sitting On a Man's Lap."