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Check Out Our New Chat

This past Thursday we launched's first chat rooms, complete with group text, audio, and video chat; the ability to create your own chat rooms; and more. We're happy to say the rooms have been pretty popular, and getting more so every day.

For chat we're using a third-party software used by many of the largest community sites in the world. The chat service is mostly self-explanatory, but there are a few cool features we wanted to point out to you so that you can get the most out of chat.

Having Trouble Using Chat?
If you're having trouble getting the chat to work for you, please see the FAQ at the end of this document.

Viewing a Member's Profile within Chat
When you are in a chat room and click on a member's name, a mini-profile with his photo (or video if he's broadcasting), age, height, weight, and location shows up in the mini profile. You'll also notice a Profile button below it. Click the Profile button to load a page showing the members entire profile.

Sending an Instant Message from Chat
When you are in a chat room and click on a member's name, you'll notice an IM button at the bottom of his mini-profile window. Click the IM button to pop up an instant messaging window so you can send that member a private instant message outside of the chat rooms.

Broadcasting Audio or Video within Chat
You should see a small thumbnail of your profile in the lower center part of the chat window that says "Me" at the top. Below your photo thumbnail, you'll see an A (for audio) button and a V (for video) button. To broadcast your own audio so others in the chat room can hear it, click on the "A" button. To send your own video in the chat room so others can see it, click on the "V" button. If you are having trouble sending audio or video, see the Frequently Asked Questions at the bottom of this document.

Enlarging and Shrinking Video
To enlarge a video of a member you are watching, view that members video and click the + (plus) button. When you roll over the button you should see the text "Bigger."

To shrink the video of a member you are watching, view that members video and click the — (minus) button. When you roll over the button you should see the text "Smaller."

Joining Another Chat Room
To join another room, click on the orange carrot next to that room to drop open that room, and then click the Join button that shows up.

Create a Chat Room
We have two default chat rooms set up (Room 1 and Room 2). If you want to create your own chat room, click the "New Room" button at the top of chat.

Frequently Asked Questions: Chat and IM

What are the system requirements for using Chat and Instant Messenger?
You must have Adobe Flash (formerly Macromedia Flash) installed on your system to use RealJock Messenger. If you do not have Flash installed, you can get it at the Adobe Flash site.

I have Flash installed but I still can't get the messenger to work.
If you have Flash installed but can't get the Messenger to work, your ISP or your company's ISP may be blocking Flash. To test this, visit the FlashComGuru site and follow the instructions. Note that if your company or ISP have Flash communication blocked, you will be unable to use our instant messaging application.

When I try to enter the chat room or IM or video chat with someone, the loading progress bar freezes before it's complete.
If you meet all of the above criteria and the instant messenger still won't work for you, it's possible that you are either on a very slow connection such as a dial-up modem, or your system has cached something that is preventing it from connecting to the messenger.

If you are on a very slow connection, please try again from a faster connection such as a DSL, cable modem, or other fast Internet line.

If you are on a fast connection, have Flash installed, and have satisfied the minimum system requirements, please try clearing your cache and restarting your computer. Instructions for clearing your cache can be found below:

  • Internet Explorer: Open the IE browser, click on Tools menu, then choose Internet Options. Press Delete files button on the General tab.
  • Firefox: Open the Firefox browser, click on Tools, then choose Privacy menu, then Cache tab. Press the Clear Cache button.
  • Safari: Open a Safari browser, click on Safari menu, then Empty Cache.
How do I video chat with someone?
To video chat with another user, plug in your web cam and make sure it is set up, then make sure no other programs (such as Yahoo! Messenger or iChat) are using the web cam. Next, open an instant message window with that user. To begin sending your video/audio, click the "Send a/v" button on the messenger. For some systems, such as iSight for video chat, you will need to grant Flash access to your camera.

Macintosh iSight users can configure Flash to access their iSight camera as follows:
  1. Open an instant message window with another user.
  2. Once the window comes up, control click on your member name. A menu will pop up that has a "Settings..." option. Select "Settings..."
  3. The Settings "Privacy" panel will pop up. Click on the radio button to "Allow" the system to access your camera, then check the "Remember" box so that you will not be asked every time you use the RealJock messenger.
  4. Click the "Close" button.
Are you still having problems? Send us a question from our Help form, and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.