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Speed Dumbbell Twisting Curls

By RealJock Staff

This exercise provided courtesy of Billy Polson, founder and co-owner of DIAKADI Body, which was voted best personal training gym in San Francisco by CitySearch in 2006.

For this variation on the standard dumbbell curl, you'll combine a swift and powerful hammer curl on the upswing with a regular curl on the way down to add a twisting challenge to your bicep workout.

Muscles Worked

Starting Position
Stand upright with your feet about hip-width apart and a dumbbell in each hand at your sides with your palms facing inward. Stabilize your shoulder blades and squeeze your upper arms tightly against your rib cage so that your shoulders are motionless throughout the entire movement (see Photo 1).


  1. From the starting position, lift the dumbbells up together in a fast and powerful hammer bicep curl, keeping the palms facing in and the upper arms tight at your sides. Try to lift with speed and control all the way through the arc of the lift (see Photos 2 and 3).
  2. When you reach the top of the hammer curl, twist the dumbbells so that your palms are facing in toward you and lower the dumbbells down in a regular curl (see Photos 4 to 6).
  3. At the bottom of the regular curl, twist the dumbbells back to starting hammer curl position and begin your next curl.
About Billy Polson: Billy Polson is the founder and co-owner of DIAKADI Body training gym, which was voted the best personal training gym in San Francisco by CitySearch in 2006. A competitive swimmer and triathlete in his own right, Polson has over 15 years of experience working as a coach and trainer, and was recently named by Men's Journal Magazine (December 2005) as one of the Top 100 Trainers in America.