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Introducing the Marathon Training Program

You know the story of how the marathon came to be, right? The quick summary: About 2500 years ago, a Greek distance runner ran 26-ish miles from the ancient town of Marathon to Athens to report that the Greeks had beaten the Persians in battle. Long story short, the guy dropped dead from exhaustion at the end of the run, and the classic endurance race was born.

Lesson learned from that first marathon runner: Marathons are hard! But that doesn't mean you shouldn't do them. The 26.2-mile marathon is the gold standard of endurance running. And trust us—you can do it! To help you prep for your first marathon, we asked Shelby Corkern Jacquez, a personal fitness trainer at DIAKADI Body, coach for San Francisco's Team in Training triathlon team, and private coach to many beginner and seasoned marathoners, to provide a marathon training program to help you get ready for your first marathon in just 18 weeks.

Marathon Program Training Links
Follow along with the marathon training program to get ready for a marathon in just 18 weeks. The first week of training runs was added April 22, 2007. We will be adding another week each week for the next 18 weeks to get you ready to race.

  1. Week 1 Training
  2. Week 2 Training
  3. Week 3 Training
  4. Week 4 Training
  5. Week 5 Training
  6. Week 6 Training
  7. Week 7 Training
  8. Week 8 Training
  9. Week 9 Training
  10. Week 10 Training
  11. Week 11 Training
  12. Week 12 Training
  13. Week 13 Training
  14. Week 14 Training
  15. Week 15 Training
  16. Week 16 Training
  17. Week 17 Training
  18. Week 18 Training
  19. Week 19 Recovery
Additional training weeks will be added regularly each week. Follow along and train for your first marathon!

About Marathon Coach Shelby Corkern Jacquez
Shelby needs her daily run like some people need their daily cup of coffee. She is a personal fitness trainer at DIAKADI Body, voted best personal training gym in San Francisco in 2006 by CitySearch. In addition to her love of running, Shelby is passionate about yoga, karate, surfing, swimming, and cycling. Her love for endurance running has inspired her to coach many beginner and seasoned marathoners. She has coached both privately and with San Francisco's Team in Training triathlon chapter.

Need a Race to Run? Try One of These Marathons
Almost all major cities have marathons these days. Looking for a great marathon worth doing? Try these resources:
  1. Running—Search the huge database of marathon and other running events
  2. Team in Training—Train for a marathon while raising money to beat leukemia and related cancers
  3. National AIDS Marathon—Train for a marathon while raising money to fight AIDS