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Learn More About the Redesign

If you've been on for a while now, you know that last Friday we launched a new version of the site with an updated look and feel, plus some new features thrown in for good measure. For those of you who care about these things, we wanted to provide an overview of some of the new features on the site, plus a look at what's coming in the next few weeks. So, without further intro on our part, check out what's new on

New Look, New Feel
The most obvious change to the site is the new look and feel. We said goodbye to rounded edges and extra images to speed up the site for our continued anticipated growth. Behind the scenes, we did a lot of back-end optimization that will hopefully make the site speedier as we move forward. We also reduced the total number of ads per page from five to two, but bumped up the size and placement of those ads so that we can start to attract more premium advertisers to offset our costs.

A Little Bit Country, a Little Bit Web 2.0...
Many of you have emailed asking to be able to add HTML, links, images, videos, and other embeds to your profiles, forums, emails, and so on. That said, many others of you have told us you appreciate a site you can read and navigate (in other words, not MySpace). So we compromised by adding the ability to put HTML in the About Me and About the Guys I'm Looking to Meet sections of your profiles, plus in forums and emails. You can check out a couple of simple examples here and here. Have fun with it.

50 Pictures... Worth 50,000 Words?
We increased the limit on photos from 20 (10 public and 10 private) to 50 total photos. That's a lot of photos, and we're happy to see that a few of our members have already reached the new limit. To upload more photos, go to the Update your photos section, located under the Profile & Photos tab.

Music...Helps the People...Come Together...
We added a music tab to the profiles and have been surprised by the response. In just a few days hundreds of music files have been uploaded. Who knew members were so listening inclined? You can add up to 10 songs to your profile. To add songs, go to the Update your music section, located under the Profile & Photos tab.

Video Killed the Radio Star... But We Added It Anyway
OK, we're dating ourselves. Probably half of you haven't heard that classic song from the earliest days of MTV. Regardless, we have added the ability to upload up to 10 videos to your profile (no naughty videos, please). To add video to your profile, go to the Update your video section, located under the Profile & Photos tab.

Coming Soon!
Over the next few weeks we'll be rolling out additional stages of the redesign. Check out the list below for a sneak peak at what we're working on:

  1. Searchable forums: Forums are the fasting-growing part of the site. And soon (very soon) you'll be able to search them.
  2. New music and video file support: We'll be adding support for additional music and video file types.
  3. Search for profiles with video and music: All of this great music and video, and you don't have a way to find it! Don't fret, we're building it in.
  4. Sortable mail: Soon you'll be able to sort your mail by member name, date, and so on.
  5. More profile fields: We've been compiling requests for additional profile fields for months now. In the coming weeks we'll be adding in some of these new fields to help round out the profile.
  6. Comments field for profiles: Our photographer has been asking for this since the day we launched. Well, he's finally getting it, and so are you: The ability to add private notes on profiles that you can store in your account and come back to later.
  7. More, more, more... We love our work (and it's a good thing, because that's pretty much all we do...). We have a lot more ideas up our big gay sleeves, and we'll do our best to keep you updated.
Want to See Something Else?
If you have another feature you think other members would like, or if you find any bugs in the new system to report, please contact us using our Help form. We're much obliged.