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Video Made the RealJock Star

By RealJock Staff

As the huge success of YouTube has shown, if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video may be worth 100,000. We can see why; video brings the web to life in a way that flat photos just can't. In honor of the web's move from flat to 3D, we're proud to honor the few, the proud, the members who have dared to upload videos to their profiles. Member Videos: Our Personal Faves
So far it's a small group of rowdy fellows who have uploaded video (successfully, that is... we know that making and then uploading videos is not something the average web surfer can easily do yet, and we also know that in our early days the video upload was a wonky. Sorry about that, fellas!). That said, these great guys braved those high-tech waters, and we love what they came up with. Check out our top-five favorites:

Ravenboy: Holy agile, Batman. We knew Ravenboy had a great bod from his photos, but we had no idea he was such an amazing athlete until we saw his performance in this circus show called "Rope." Can you say "core strength"? We know Ravenboy can...

CalTrask2JimStark: When he first joined the site way back when we were new, we thought, "This guy is too cute to be real." Well, real he is (and cute too). We love all three of his videos, and especially the summer eating one. Pass the grapes—we're ravenous.

Dumdedum: All we can say is, "Don't do it! You're gonna die! Don't do it! You're gonna die!" Wow, he did it. Phew...

Noahdiver: We saw Noah compete at the Gay Games, so we got to see his diving talent up close and in person. But for those of you who missed it... check out Noah doing a perfect triple inward (at least that's what it looks like to our untrained eye) off the high board. Whoa.

FormerFatso: We love his member name just about as much as we love the fact that he lost 35 pounds in the last year. Go Former! And who knew he could sing? We did, because we watched the one-minute version of FormerFatso's music video. See for yourself. Member Videos: View Them All
To check out all of the member videos on, run this Video Profile Search (Note: You must be signed in to view this link).

Upload Your Own Videos
Want to join this small band of brave men with video profiles? You know you do. To upload your own video to your profile, head to the Video Manager. Having trouble uploading your video? We're here to help. Contact us using the Help form and we'll work with you to upload your video. Note: If you upload a video with your dick in it, we'll cut it off. Your video, that is; no adult content in video, please.

Video Not Your Thing? Groove to Some Music
Want to hear some tunes for our times? members have uploaded almost 1,000 music clips so far, and there are more pouring in every day. To check out the latest and greatest music that we groove to, run this Music Profile Search.

Upload Your Own Music
To upload music to your profile, head to the Music Manager.