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Club Drugs in Gayville

It's hard to deny things are looking up for the gay community. Despite social conservatives' attempts to squash progress with their hard-right boot, they just can't seem to stop the slow but inexorable move toward acceptance of gay rights. But it's not all puppy dogs and pumpkin patches in Gayville—even as the gay community makes ongoing strides in visibility and civil rights, heavy drug use continues to wreak havoc on parts of our community, taking some of the luster out of our gains.

The State of Drugs In Gayville
Wanting a better understanding of the current state of drugs in gay culture and how it is affecting gay men's health in particular, turned to Walter Armstrong, former editor of POZ magazine and a veteran journalist who has written for publications from Rolling Stone to Men's Journal. As Armstrong reports, the numbers unfortunately speak for themselves—the drugs of choice may be changing, but we still have a long way to go. Check it out:

Crossed Paths: The Well-Traveled Intersection of Drugs and Gay Culture

Club Drug Education: Know Your Drain Cleaner
Want to educate yourself about the most prevalent club drugs affecting the gay community? Choose your poison:

Crystal Methamphetamine