Thursday, Jan 31, I weighed 188 lbs... When I went back to the gym the following Sunday, I weighed 173!! I hadn't slacked off too badly on my eating (about 200 or so calories behind on Saturday--but I also overate on Friday) so I wasn't quite sure what the deal was.

Running around the restaurant Saturday night had kinked up the catheter on my insulin pump: my blood sugar was running over 300mg/dL the whole shift and most of Sunday morning. One of the wonderful side-benefits to hyperglycemia for extended periods is dehydration--even if you drink gallons of water, high blood sugar will make your body use all and any fluids it can to flush out the excess sugar in your bloodstream!

High blood sugar will also result in a deficit in channeling nutrients into your cells, and, because your cells at this point are literally starving, your liver will have your muscles dump their glycogen stores into the blood stream in an attempt to get some nutrients to the hungry cells. Because there was little to no insulin in my system, it simply resulted in even higher blood sugar (I was brushing 500mg/dL towards the end of my shift).

Luckily, serious loss in muscle tissue due to hyperglycemia doesn't occur for some time (possibly days to weeks), yet a total discharge of my glycogen stores left me pretty damn skinny. I wish I'd taken pictures of myself on Sunday; I looked like a half-deflated balloon!

As of today (Tuesday), I'm back up to 183 lbs and I'm looking about normal, albeit slightly little smaller than usual. Turns out my decreasing fat mass means less padding in which to stick the pump's catheter--I've managed to get a number of nasty infections in my thighs over the past couple days because the damn tubes keep kinking up every time my quads flex. Can't say I'm too hot on the idea of a lean body anymore, lol!

Diabetics beware! High blood sugar IS a serious risk to your health and should be managed accordingly. I'm a type 1 diabetic, but type 2 diabetics would benefit greatly from reading this. Any thoughts, experiences, and information regarding the effects of blood sugar on the body (especially in regards to bodybuilding) would be awesome!