[quote]When it comes to bromances,
this is one that tends to show up in big tournaments. Not only do they have
amazing on-the-pitch & off-the-pitch chemistry, these two define the word
adorkable (if there isn't already a definition for it, it belongs to Schweinski now).
If you were to say they are the KINGS of BROMANCE...

You'd be right.

They're so amazing, that they attract even
non-German NT fans into their web of adorkableness.

Hell, if there was a World Cup given for the Best Romance, you can bet
your ass that they'd win it (sit down, other bromantic relationships). [/quote]


There are a lot of pictures on the site, so you'll have to wait for it to load. But it's worth it! Even most kittens don't make me grin like this. icon_smile.gif