Okay I need some good advice on losing weight...

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    Feb 07, 2008 10:07 AM GMT
    I have lost 30 lbs over the last five years by just eating healthier foods and smaller portions. I currently weight about 220 (I'm about 5'9") and would like to lose another 20 to 25 lbs. I'm pretty stocky built so don't necessarily want to gain a lot of muscle, mostly just slim down. I'm gonna have to step it up to another level to lose those pounds. Please give me some advice on how much cardio and lifting I should be doing per week. And what foods to eat/avoid. Thanks guys!icon_biggrin.gif
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    Feb 07, 2008 6:41 PM GMT
    Muscle burns fat and calories. Definately have a base of good lean muscle and your body will slowly turn into a fat burning machine.

    I've lost about 20 pounds this year but really doing good strength training. And when I was 20 went from 230 to about 165 in a bout a year through portion control and gaining muscle needed. You can do medium weights with higher reps.
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    Feb 07, 2008 9:29 PM GMT
    1) count the calories and dont let your diet let you down by going stale. say you start at 2000 cals a day week 2 drop it 200 week 3 up it 100 ad infinitum until you hit your low level for where you want to go possibly 1400 depending on your routine slightly higher if yuo feel yuo want to run. When you hit loweest level its back up for a whopping refeed at 2000 cals again

    2) Hyrdation the body cant metabolise fat efficiently without adequate water. Aim for 4 litres a day, if you are not at that level now treat it like anything else build it up gradually and it will build a habit. Make it ice cold and you have a whole bunch of calorie burning going on too.

    3) Training work that muscle hard and to failure. You can do that medium and high reps or heavy and one set of slow low reps. Failure is key as is progression in weight if not reps

    4) measurements are key anyday over scales as your body changes and adapts and weightloss is not linear.

    5) remember one bad diet day is no reason to stop it it wont make a heap of difference but thats not a green light to go all out and off the rails.

    6) keep your dietary intake of fat around 15% max. If the body is breaking down dietary fat it has less ability to work on stored fat

    Hmmm think thats enough to keep ya going :-)

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