Help with Muscle Building Workout

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    Feb 08, 2008 4:46 AM GMT
    I have a question about building muscle/gaining muscle mass, I've done quite a bit of research and a lot of what I found kind of contradicts each other which I expected a little but examples of what I found would be like some programs say that you should only work out each muscle group 1 time a week and no more and some say as high as 3 times a week for each muscle group. Some say that you should just do one set to failure for each exercise and some say to do 3 sets, etc. I've been doing the 3 set workout and while I have maintained my muscle and muscle tone I haven't really gained much extra muscle. I know the nutrition aspect of it and how important it is, I have that taken care of I think, lol. But if you guys have any suggestions on where to look like websites, journals, etc, what to do/try or something that has worked for you (example workouts), If you could tell me I would appreciate it. Thanks a lot
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    Feb 18, 2008 2:56 AM GMT

    First I do admit that its confusing, still is to me.
    What I think is true is as follows.

    Most programs will work to some degree. Others will work better depending on your body type.

    First and foremost is eating. If you want to get big you have to eat alot. Basically eating is a major major effort. I would say at least 60% of the battle.
    It is easier for me to workout than it is to force my body to eat. (i know i'm a little fat but slimming down is a piece of cake for me)

    I like to mix up my workout, some heavy sets and some lighter ones, but all have similar intensity. You just have to be intense about it. Most body parts, I go one or two exercise heavy and the rest moderate/light. For example, quads (probably the best mass building muscle/exercise ever). I would do 355lbs for 10,7,5 (heavy). Then I would do leg press with 12plates (normally I can do 16 plates). I can do around 15,12,10 (moderate). Then Leg Extensions 120lb (15,12,10) [normally i can do 200]. I think by working heavy and moderate I get both strength and pump. Works for me.

    I always do to failure unless I am doing a 5x5 program (you can look this up).

    For me chest I have to do twice a week for it to grow. I had to find that out over years. Still small.

    Figure what you need to work on most, then concentrate on that.

    Remember to eat, think you are full, eat some more. Sleep.


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    Feb 18, 2008 5:23 PM GMT
    thanks bud, i appreciate it. I'm gonna try something similar to that so hopefully it works!