Questions about the RJ Muscle Building Workout

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    Feb 08, 2008 7:30 AM GMT
    I seriously started the Muscle Building Workout here from RJ this week. I even bought a 3-ring and printed out the firs week, and I've been flawless in bringing it with me every night to the gym.

    The question I have regards personal stamina, and an overall ability to actually complete the entire routine. Almost immediately, I noticed that I simply was not able to get all the way through it. Firstly, I didn't know whether I should work the rows on the spreadsheet, or the columns (ie, complete all sets of one exercize before moving to the next row in the same set/superset), so I started doing the rows first.

    I know that sounds a bit confusing, but basically if I got to standing barbell curls, for example, I'd try to do all sets of standing barbell curls before moving to the next exercize.

    Anyway, I noticed that I wasn't getting to the end of the routine; I wasn't getting to the last rows, because my muscles were completely failing. Last night, day three, on the Smith press, by the time I got to it, my muscles completely failed, and a guy nearby had to come rescue me (swoon! icon_razz.gif)! lol

    Anyway, tonight I tried it the other way: going completely from top to bottom through the first column, then moving on to the second, and so on. But this time, I barely made it through the 2nd column completely, and most of the workouts still had 3rd, 4th, and sometimes 5th columns!! There's no way I would have gotten there!

    Am I doing something wrong? I always make sure I eat something that's decent balance of carbs and protein about a half-hour before I go, along with lots of water before and constant sips of water as I work out. Maybe I'm not allowing enough time between sets? How long do you guys usually rest between sets? Supersets? How do you guys usually do it (for those who are following the plan): do you work vertically or horizontally through the routine? Am I even supposed to get through the whole thing this early, or does it assume that I won't? I haven't looked ahead, so I don't know if it's "building me up" for it as I go...?

    Anyway, input is appreciated!

    Thanks! icon_smile.gif

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    Feb 08, 2008 6:53 PM GMT
    I just finished this workout last month. The first week was the hardest for me and I had to repeat some weeks a few times until I figured out how to do the excersizes correctly.

    From my experience, I would recommend that you use lighter weights to get through all of the sets, decrease on form should happen on the last two reps of each "rep max" set and failure happens on sets that tell you to max out. Sets work horizontally... supersets are to be worked vertically, then horizontally. As with all workouts, pay more attention to your form so you don't injure yourself.

    Rests: 30 seconds between superset excersizes is recommended and 60 seconds between sets.

    If you don't have time to do more than 3 sets/excersize or superset, don't worry about it; but pace yourself. This excersize is high reps and lots of sets for a good reason, so take your time and don't increase weights if you can't get through a full set, unless you want to go to a massage therapist (which you should be doing anyway), get physical therapy, or see a doctor because of unnecessary injuries.

    All of this information is spelled out in FAQ for the workout, and is discussed in the forum, so I'm not telling you anything that hasn't been said by Jeff and Mike (who you can contact with any question about the workout; they're great resources and very approachable.)

    Also, take time to practice some of the excersizes outside of the gym, without weights, so you can have good form when you use weights and maximize your time in the gym.

    Lastly, read up on the Performance Eating topic. Everytime I went by the suggestions in it, I had a great workout and attitude; even on the sadistic leg days. (Be prepared to sweat a lot on leg days. I ended up skipping them near the end icon_redface.gif and found out later that I would have gotten better, all over results, had I done them.)

    I admit I made mistakes, but I still got through it and learned a lot. Next time I go through it, I'll be more prepared (and less of a wimp on leg days.) I'm already applying what I learned to the Strong and Lean workout and will be helping my partner train.

    I'm sure if you email any of us that completed the workout, and/or the folks that put it together, you'll find help and encouragement.