why do old guys hit on guys so much younger?

I had the epiphany while in the gym today.

I saw a guy walk up to a piece of equipment and thought: "oh, he's kinda old."

But then I realized that I could have very likely been older than he is. ... icon_eek.gif

And then I realized what I had kinda known all along. As you get older, you dont think older, you dont see older, and unless you are decrepit or undergoing prostate cancer therapy, .icon_lol.gif. you dont feel old.

And, since us older guys are on the inside looking out, we arent reminded that we have age, ... icon_eek.gif ... and young people dont want to be around us, lest they catch it prematurely. ... icon_lol.gif

In my prostate cancer support group, one guy who is 70 said that he felt like a 20 year old inside, wondering what the hell happened! ... icon_lol.gif

Hmmmmm....maybe the best defense for a younger guy against an old letch is a mirror! ... icon_lol.gif ... Unless of course, you are me who has lucky genes that preserve a youthful face.

Ok, kiddie-pups, it's your turns