Hey, I am 37 years old, 6'1" tall, and weigh 210 lbs.
I'm not very over weight but I do want to get rid of the belly roll, and what I call "back fat" (that pouch of flab on the back of your hips, right at the waistline) and to add a bit of muscle tone.
The main reason is of course a better self image, but there is also a family history of diabeties and heart conditions that I would like to avoid as well.

I am drinking a whey protein shake in 2% milk as a supplement for breakfast; either a peanut butter on wheat toast sandwich or a bananna for a mid day snack ; then a boiled chicken breast with roasted veggies (broccoli, cauliflower, zuccini, asparagus, and lightly wilted spinach..with a very little extra virgin olive oil and herbs for flavor) for lunch and dinner; and another whey protein shake (mixed in water) as an "snack" between lunch and dinner.
Occasionally I substitute a fresh, uncooked spinach salad with canned tuna filet for lunch.
I drink atleast two 20 oz bottles of water daily.

I drive a truck on a local route for a living, and daily I do modified crunches, and dips as I am on deliveries and am being unloaded. I do this atleast once a day, and sometimes am able to do the crunches and dips several times a day.
I work out with a Bowflex Extreme (as I have extreme constraints on my free time due to raising a 15 year old and am not privy to "gym time"), following the work out routines that came with the machine, and I do this 4 times a week.
I also am doing cardio on an exercise bike 3 times a week for 20-30 minutes.

My goal is to reach 180-185 pounds by my birthday, on May 20th; to tone down the weight and to obtain a "swimmer's build", as it is so often called. If there are any adjustments I need to make, or any thing I need to add or detract, I would appreciate any input you have.