I have just started myself about 3 weeks ago on running to try and drop down to about 10 lbs. My problem comes in due to the fact that I used to play football and have huge calve and thigh muscles from high school running stadiums. I am trying to keep up with my lean muscle mass via carb free protein supplement and eating lean meats like tuna and chicken and trying to do cardio reps on my lower back, abs, and chest to make sure and not deplete any muscle in that section, but I am afraid that the protein supplements are being drawn straight to my legs since I have seen no difference.

I have been taking MHP DREN due to the fact that it has been allowing me to not only jump from 6 to 7-7.5 on pace and from 20 to 40 minutes on run time to try and burn off some of either the fat or the muscle but to no avail on losing mass in my legs.

My workout routine begins with the initial running before my classes, then 2-4 hours later I will work out other areas of my body and then consume the protein.

I was just wondering if there was another way to rid myself of a bit of leg muscle (to increase my agility while playing racketball) yet keep building my mid and upper body and sustain my body fat loss.

I'm really new to the whole supplements thing and don't really know if i'm just not built to be agile but thought I might as well ask.