Type one/ Insulin dependent diabetes and exercise

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    Feb 17, 2008 6:47 AM GMT

    I am new,
    please be kind!

    I have type one diabetes (the one that you have to inject your own insulin), anyway, my point is,
    I got diabetes a month before my high school graduation. Ever since it has become increasing more difficult to keep in shape, and I lost my six pack abs a few months after. I am a full time university student with very limited time..
    Here is my dilemma
    • Don’t have more than an hour to an hour and a half to exercise
    • Can’t eat power bars, or proteins bars, or any other diet pill because it messes up with my glucose levels
    • I need a fixed routine so not mess up my insulin dosage/ratio
    • Since I am diabetic, my body tires and bruises very easily from over training or anything rash
    • I am fit, with lean muscle (5’11”; 170 lbs)

    1. Is there any way I can get six pack abs before July 1st when my French internship icon_wink.gif starts without messing up everything else ?
    2. Is there anyone out there who has a queer pancreas icon_wink.gif, like mine who would like to share his workout routine with me?

    All comments are highly appreciated,


  • GQjock

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    Feb 17, 2008 12:44 PM GMT
    Since you're diabetic your body has lost its automatic pilot when it comes to utilizing the glucose or fuel it needs to function
    You have to monitor your sugar levels and take meds (Insulin) in this case to keep it on track
    if you workout when you BS is low you're going to fell tired and the workout session is probably not going to do you much good

    I'd check with your Doc first but if you want to workout test yourself immediately before you head out to the gym
    Make sure your BS is 120 or higher
    and then Make sure you eat immed after you finish
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    Feb 18, 2008 10:35 PM GMT
    hi, thanks for your response. I already do my fair share of cardio and weight training without my glucose level getting out of hand. but the problem is, for the last little push, i need dedication and a special kind of diet,... there area a thousand resources on the web, non seem to do me any good. as far as my doctor goes, he is pretty much useless. thanks again for your help.