The last few years fitness has become an important part of my life and I have made a great deal of progress in terms of my health and wellbeing. I am thankful for the ability to motivate myself and maintain discipline with what I hold precious in my life. Unfortunately, I do not have anyone else in my personal life that I can rely on who shares the same respect for their personal health. A lot of success has resulted from my quest for knowledge. I keep my eyes and ears peeled; researching everything from whatever source is available to me.
Real Jock has become the greatest source thus far in helping me achieve my goals. Finally, I have found an online community that not only shares my goals but does so in such a supportive manner. Since first becoming a member I have continued my regimens with more understanding. The knowledge gained has given me the determination to further achieve my goals.
However, I am beginning to feel as if I am reaching the end of what I can do with the knowledge I am gaining. I am beginning to have trouble sorting out the advice to implement into my health and fitness routines. My gym is no help. The team members there are focused with monetary gain. The way they shuffle members around I don’t feel they would give me the personal attention I am seeking without me paying the outrageous prices for what may turn out to be mediocre training. Real Jock has become the only real place I have been able to seek for direction. However, I need something more physical and direct. I need a plan that I can focus on.
This is my plea for your vote in The Real Jock Boot camp Resort Contest. This trip may be what I am looking for with regards to furthering my goals to the next level. This has been the place I have gained the most knowledge in fitness and I feel this potential experience will help me further my achievements in finding a solid direction I can live by from here on end.
Also, I have never been on a real vacation; only short trips. I have never left the United States. I am thirsty for adventure and culture and I need an escape that I can come back from as an evolved human being.
I feel there are a number of members here deserve to win this contest. I have read a lot of profiles by members who have outstanding and rather inspiring stories. I don’t know if I add up and deserve this trip. All I know is I need this experience to help achieve my goals and wellbeing.
We all have 5 votes. Could you spare one for me?