I'm not sure if this has been posted on here before, but I'm curious as to how many guys on this site have a better relationship with their mother than their father. I have found in my conversations with gay guys that they tend to have had a natural bond since childhood with their mother prior to recognizing their homosexuality versus one with their father. I'm sure there have been studies on this, but I just want to know if this assumption is true or can someone point me in the direction as to a study that was done with regards to the impact on one's sexuality due to a mother's relationship during her son's early childhood development.

Personally, my mother and I have been close since I was a child and my father and I had a lukewarm relationship at best til the day he died as he always spent more time with my older brothers. My relationship with my mother has grown even closer since dad's death. I find that my heterosexual older siblings are somewhat jealous of my relationship with my mom. I'm just curious if others feel the same way toward their mom and how that early childhood relationship affected their sexuality if any.