This is the article "Keep Your Chin Up" posted on Take a look at it.

I really want to try and see how this works, because nothings better than cranking out chin-ups and pull-ups while everyone else vogues and dips on the pier this summer (yes NYC - no crazy vouging child lol).

I think he recommends doing each level for 4 weeks and then testing to see how many chinups you can do see your progress and adjust accordingly

Do you think this workout can take adequately take the place of an upper back/bicep bodybuilding workout? Size and weight gain are two things I'd like to do as well as build strength.

If you train yourself for these kinds of bodyweight strength tests (Dips, Chins, Pullups, Pushups, Squats, etc), is any other routine really necessary? For example, here, your building yourself up for the Chins - all back and biceps - for 1 to 3 days a week (depending on the level). If you were to do a program for Dips, I'd assume that would cover chest and triceps - also for 1 to 3 days a week. So the traditional 3 day split programs and what not may not be necessary.

And... what are your thoughts?