London with a deeper dive

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    Oct 13, 2010 3:06 PM GMT
    London has become my favorite city to visit and I've got friends there which make it even better, but I'm at the point where I like to explore well beyond the standard Musuems and Tourist Spots (although if you havent done them they are worth the visit).

    Whats your favorite part of visiting London (and the surrounding areas) thats off the beaten path?

    I guess I should also ask those who live there what you think. My next trip is early December so no Kayaking or Cycling unfortunately.
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    Oct 15, 2010 10:02 PM GMT
    Crystal Palace Park, South London.
    Home of the National Recreation Centre where many sports are peformed.
    Also a nice park to stroll around, it has a lake.
    Train: Crystal Palace Station from Victoria.

    Also Richmond Park, West London, which has Wimbledon Common just across the road from it. They make up a huge area of greenery where running and cycling are possible away from traffic. Also Kew Gardens is also nearby, which is home to many species of tropical plants and trees.
    Train: Richmond Station from Waterloo serves all these parks.

    Also, Parliament Hill, North London, from the top one has a splendid panorama of the whole of the capital. It is also a joggers paradise. It boast a Lido, where "men only" swims attract Gays.
    Train: Hampstead Heath Station.
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    Oct 15, 2010 10:31 PM GMT
    Well it really depends on what you want to do whilst you're over here. My favourite place in London from a tourists perspective is standing on Waterloo Bridge and admiring the view. However, if heading off the beaten path is more your cup of tea (excuse the English pun) then check out:

    1) Primrose Hill - the view
    2) Little Venice - the tranquility
    3) Borough Market - the food (quite touristy, have you been?)
    4) Hampton Court - out in Kingston upon Thames
    5) Richmond Park - for the deer (yes, deer)
    6) this also might be too touristy/done before but take the river taxi up to Greenwich.
    7) a short train trip out to Henley upon Thames puts you smack bang in the middle of an affluent area of the Thames Valley. Marlow too.

    Not very gay suggestions but London has plenty of that on offer too.
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    Oct 15, 2010 10:35 PM GMT
    My favorite three places to eat in London:

    Pierre Victoire:
    Great value for money (especially their 2 course Prix Fixe menu) at the northwestern edge of Soho. Tube: Tottenham Court Road.

    Excellent modern British spin on Mexican food (seriously!), conveniently close to Covent Garden and the Royal Opera House. Tube: Covent Garden or Charing Cross.

    Pakistani food, authentic but approachable, and better quality (and value) than nearly anything you'll find on Brick Lane. Tube: Whitechapel or Aldgate East.
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    Oct 16, 2010 7:38 PM GMT
    Wow these are all excellent guys. I'm really excited to try some new sites and restaurants.

    My two favorites are having a glass of wine at the cafe on the 7th floor of the Tate Modern overlooking the Thames and jogging around the Serpentine bright and early in the morning.
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    Oct 16, 2010 8:39 PM GMT
    As long as I mentioned Tayyab's, I should have mentioned Maedah Grill:
    Not your average kebab shop. Turkish food in a stylish, comfortable setting. Same neighborhood as Tayyab' you could conceivably do lunch at one and dinner at the other. Whitechapel or Aldgate East Tube. And the Whitechapel Gallery is worth a quick stroll through (which is about all there is to it anyway).
    Tas is Anatolian, so think a little bit like Greek and a little bit like Turkish. There are a few locations, one near London Bridge Tube (so, also near Borough Market and Southwark Cathedral) which also has a cafe where you can pick up takeaway items, and another on The Cut near Waterloo Station. This and Tayyab's are probably the more expensive of the choices I've posted, but still within reach...good places to take a date, or a group of friends.

    And if you're hungry for inexpensive, fresh made burritos (think Chipotle), you have a few choices:
    Tortilla has a few locations, but my favorite was in Islington, across the street from Angel Tube station. Refillable soft drinks...what a concept! And frozen margaritas! Shame you can't sneak one out in a takeaway cup...
    Chilango is also good, one location just up the street from Tortilla in Islington, but another in Fleet Street not too far from St Paul's or the Thames.

    Mexicali, 26 Berwick Street (and another location near South Kensington/Chelsea as I recall), is by far the poor cousin of the other two. Quality not quite as good, and service which places it firmly in the 'fast food' category; but it is conveniently located at the northeastern edge of it's good for a quick bite before hitting the pubs and clubs (closes at 9, I recommend not showing up there much later than 8:30 or the surly staff will give you a hairy eyeball), or during an afternoon of shopping on Regent/Oxford Streets.

    A couple more in Whitechapel/Shoreditch:
    I only stopped in each of these place once, probably around brunch/lunch but as I recall the food was excellent in both cases. Seems to me I had a breakfasty sort of thing at Big Chill, and a Burger (my mouth's watering thinking of it now) at Bar Music Hall. Oh yeah, I guess they also do music/dancing after dark...but I was never there at that time.

    Gimme time...I'm sure I can remember a few more...I have lots of fond memories of London, and about a half dozen or so good friends who live there. Where will you be staying, how long, and do you have specific plans?
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    Oct 18, 2010 5:42 AM GMT
    Just one other point: the mayor here has just launched his bike hire scheme. Dotted all around the central city (withinn zone 1) are bike stations where you can take a bike to get around. There are stations everywhere and it's proving to be very popular.