Hello my friends,

I have been to Turkey (Istanbul, Antalya, Bodrum and south east of the country) 4 times and every time I go there, I do not want to leave this place.

The cuisine is delicious, weather is perfect and people are so friendly and of course the Turkish men are gorgeous. The pupulation is so young and dynamic and they love gay people.

Gay life in a moslem majority population may sound too strange but it was also perceived that way a long time ago in the West, wasn't it?

What I saw during my visit is that Turkish people did not want to be labelled as a gay, bi or whatever. Most of them didn't call themselves as gay but would do anything a gay would do, would like to keep it all very intimate and and would not see that as something strange.

I think this may be coming from their roots or maybe their man dominated world where boys grow always together, play together, chat together etc. They also told me that virginity in Turkey is still important among most of the girls.

Maybe that's why most men have found other ways of having fun among themselves...