Blue Dog Democrats

  • rioriz

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    Oct 15, 2010 4:29 AM GMT
    Just wondering what most people here feel about this fiscally conservative part of the party. I think that it is ironic that a lot of news organizations and others view the Repubs as obstructionalist when many of the big votes that have come down the line recently have had at one part the Blue Dogs standing against it for one reason or another with the Repubs. Healthcare was in great danger without some last minute finagaling,which I feel was probably back room threats, that caused them to give the go ahead.

    I admire this group for standing apart from the majority to voice concerns for what they believe in but feel that they always cave in instead of holding ground.

    One thing you can say about the Republican party that even if there are disagreements they always seem to stand as one which can be a bad or good thing.

    Just came to mind since I voted Repub in primary's but seriously considering voting for a Blue Dog on Nov 2nd. I just wish I had more confidence he would stand ground!
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    Oct 15, 2010 5:02 AM GMT
    Honestly... I am increasingly starting to view "blue dogs" as "Republicans." You'll find many of these "blue dogs" are in congressional districts that are considered "vulnerable" by the Democratic Party - more commonly know as 'swing' districts.

    To a degree, I can grasp why they do what they do, but their efforts are so... half-ass... for lack of a better description. They were largely against healthcare reform, but are unabated supporters of out of control defense spending. They are for this and against that. There priorities are totally erratic. Look at Ben Nelson as an example.
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    Oct 15, 2010 8:21 AM GMT
    I don't consider them reliable. Their barks turn into whimpers when faced with pressure from their party. Also, in other times the situation might be different, but now with the need to change control of both houses, voting for a Blue Dog is a vote for the Democrats to stay in control.

    Update - article in today's Wall Street Journal, "Bye Bye Blue Dogs"