New chance at love?

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    Oct 17, 2010 3:44 AM GMT
    This post is to open up to my community and see what my fellow brothers have to say on the subject.

    Have you ever been in love so deep, then after a while its nothing but pain. You break up, meet someone new shortly after, and they seem to succeed in the areas you so desperately needed.

    After weeks of not speaking to your Ex, they realize that it was really them that was causing all the crying, the trouble, the lack of trust, the disrespect, our low self esteems. They come back, admitting it is all their fault and they are ready to change.

    The Love I felt...and still feel. So deep. I know he is my soulmate, but we are where we are now. Despite the small summary, he has so many issues that need to be resolved. SO many.

    And here I have a guy, who after meeting me, 6 months later found the courage to come out to his parents. When he did his parents accepted him and me with welcome arms icon_smile.gif . He is everything and then some. But the love honestly is not as deep as it was with my Ex.

    Is this normal? Am I doing the wrong thing? Am I turning a blind eye to something? What are your thoughts? Any advice or personal stories are welcome.

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    Oct 17, 2010 5:20 AM GMT
    Are you saying you're going to break up with the new guy because the ex claims to have changed?
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    Oct 17, 2010 6:31 AM GMT
    It's completely normal to feel.

    1) The new guy just came out of the closet. He still has that 'coming out' phase of his life to endure. It's pretty dangerous trying to be the guy on the other end.

    2) Me and my ex had the most volatile relationship period. He promised to change many things etc... In the end, I discovered that he was cheating for well over 1.5 yrs. My guess is maybe 100 men on the side. Honestly.

    I ask myself quite often:
    Do I hate him? Yes
    Do I still love him? Yes

    We are now in two different countries which is so much better, and I have absolutely no contact with him. Thank God. I really thought we were soulmates, and I am okay with the fact that I may never find love again. I don't believe I'll ever speak to him ever again. Time heals everything. It's only been five months, but I've never been happier with myself, my life, my music, my career.

    If you really, truly love your ex, there is no way this new guy will work out. You need to truly love yourself first before any relationship can take place outside that.

    Always Put Yourself First
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    Oct 17, 2010 6:54 AM GMT
    hauptstimme said

    Always Put Yourself First.