I was a guy that was ate poorly and drank with the fellas on the weekends a lot. One day I looked into the mirror and realized that I was way outta shape and my body was unattractive, even by non-gay standards.

So I cleaned up my diet and started exercising, doing weight training and jogging...I noticed a few changes but the gut and back flab was still hanging around...

I kept reading about High Intensity Interval Training in magazines and here on Realjock but it never really made sense to me. How could doing 20 minutes of HIIT compare to a two-hour jog? Besides, most of the fit guys in the gym were doing steady state as well...

But then I grabbed a HIIT routine in a Muscle and Fitness magazine and I gave it a go and QUICKLY saw results! Its cliche to say this but the extra fat was melting away like butter!

Granted I kept up with my weight training and good eating during this period so I'm sure that combination played a huge part into this as well. While I'm not "shredded", I did get myself down to point that I'm comfortable with.

ALSO, my snoring COMPLETELY STOPPED...even while sleeping on my back!

Now that I'm leaned out enough, I'm shifting towards mass gaining...But I wanted to urge all those struggling to look seriously into HIIT.