Most romantic sex ...

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    Mar 06, 2008 9:26 PM GMT
    I'm sure everyone remember his best sex .. or most romantic sex he had .. in the right time and right place ..

    Well.. here is mine:

    I was at friend's place wating for a call from someone (a sex buddy..) I waited and waited .. then had some tiny cups of drink (40% alcohol !!!!) .. It always made me feel better , but this time it didnt..icon_sad.gif
    Then a friend of my frind came by ( it's getting complicated .. he's 16 yo guy .. came and sit in front of the TV , watching his favorite show .. and I'm still waiting for my call ..
    Then I got an SMS :"I'm afraid we can't meet" ..umm.. so I kicked that 16yo guy's foot tenderly and said "ok then, get readyicon_smile.gif" (I was half drunk what do you want from me??) .. but he didn't even look at me icon_sad.gif
    In short, my friend went to the shop to buy some ciggarets and that guy went to the shower .. and I'm alone with the computer .. getting more blue .. went to the fridge , and had few sips of drink .. went back to the computer .. a second later I found my self lying on the floor , that guy is still in the shower .. I succeed somehow to climb on the chair..
    My friend came back ,
    looked at me and said "are you ok?"
    me : "no"
    -what happened?
    -I think I drink too much.
    Then he helped me to get up and go to bed ... that guy came out of the shower and I heard him talking with my friend asking what happened ..
    meanwhile , I tried to go to the bathroom and I found myself on the floor again (oops) , my friend came quickly and helped me go there .. when I came out he came to help go back to the bed .. I said "I'm ok there is no need"
    But he asked that guy to take me to bed.. he did .. he put me in bed , I was lying there tired, dizzy, closed my eyes .. and felt his lips on my mouth , I culdn't move but I was thinking "It had to happen.." .. his kisses were amazing .. his toungue .. I started to go along with him .. felt love and warmth at that time..
    Not to mention too much details .. we stayed there 3 hours .. I came out of the room not drunk but ok .. still kissing and cuddling like lovers..
    he said to me before I left: " please don't be sad again , promise me you'll always be happy"
    I said " I can't , sadness is a part of me"

    When I think about him I always smile..

    It just came in the right time ..with an amazing guy.. (am I in love?? icon_redface.gif ) (p.s we did it agian the next day)

    Does anyone wants to share his ?

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    Mar 06, 2008 9:43 PM GMT
    It forbidden , cheating and not right. But it got to be when my ex bf come over to my house after he leave me for somebody else. He is a policeman and on duty that day. During the night his off, he call me to pick him up. I drove to pick him up infront that police barrack for single men. He look so good and masculine with a tight fitting , t-shirt and jeans. We start having sex, (well making love) from from sunset to midnight in this empty house, all dark and hardly any sound. We hardly say a word but just let ourselves loose and follow our heart. That is when I know despite he being unfaitefull to me and all his imperfection I am still very much in love with him.