"MY PHONE DIED..." and other classic lies men tell...

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    Oct 21, 2010 2:03 PM GMT
    Is there ever a time when we actually believe the "My Phone Died" line from a guy we were supposed to meet or get a call from? Is there a reason many of us still use this one ourselves?

    The brilliant thing about this lie is that its plausible with these smart phones that do have short battery lives...But in my experience, a person who is on his phone a lot ALWAYS has some kind of charger within access.

    These guys often say these similar lies:

    "My phone charges better when it's turned off."
    "There wasn't any signal where I was. Didn't even see that you called."

    What this lie ACTUALLY means is:

    "My Phone Died" = "I didn't want to lie to you about where I was, what I was doing and who with."

    Other classic lies include:

    "I fell asleep." = "I was deliberately avoiding your calls/texts"
    "Oh him? We're just friends" = "He's my Ex that I used to fuck (maybe still do)"
    "Something came up, sorry" = "The guy I REALLY want, finally hit me up"
    "Sorry, I been really busy, man" = "I made the time to do a whole lot of fun things BESIDES link up with you"
    "I was working late" = "I was with another guy all night"
    "Sup stranger, miss you" = "The guy I was talking to is gone so now I'm digging in my phone for old scraps to fill time"
    "My apt doesn't get good reception so only text me" = "I can't talk to you at home in front of my boyfriend"
    "My best friend JUST came in from outta town this weekend" = "Something better than chilling with you came up"
    "I'm versatile, but I'll only bottom for right dude" = "I'm a bottom"
    "I'm only looking for 'Friends First'" = "I want to string you along in case a better option comes around"
    "I've never done this with anyone but you" = "I want you to think I'm innocent but really I'm a whore"
    "I decided at the last minute to go out." = "I told you I was busy/sick but really I had already made other plans."
    "We JUST broke up" = "We're still together but I want you to THINK we broke up"
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    Oct 21, 2010 2:23 PM GMT
    "I love you SOOOOO much that dinner and drinks are on me tonight." = "I just fucked a coworker during lunch today."