Dad loses 30 pounds, climbs Kilimanjaro with teen daughter

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    Mar 07, 2008 7:47 PM GMT
    Bill McGahan felt miserable when his weight peaked at 225 pounds

    Dreading workouts, he set a goal to climb Mount Kilimanjaro with his daughter

    He exercised and ate lean meats and raw vegetables to lose 30 pounds

    McGahan, daughter reached their goal and plan to climb more summits
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    Mar 08, 2008 5:10 AM GMT

    That is so inspring. It is also neat that you zero-in on these sort of stories, Caslon. For me and most guys on the site, fitness comes so natural. I for one, have never been overweight and could never imagine the obsticales that condition creates.
    I know it's hard though because have seen many people struggle with it. it does make me happy to hear of someone first of all, setting a goal to lose weight, and second, using a loved one as a motivating force to help them achieve that goal.
    What's more, is i'm sure that dad is finding being a smaller size provides a whole other set of perks, which extend far beyond the platonic realm of climbing mountains with daughter.icon_redface.gif