It's very important to stop amidst the stresses of life from time to time and think about why we're still happy to be standing. We may think we have problems in our daily lives but most often these 'problems' can't even begin to compare with other less fortunate people. It's all too easy sometimes to talk about what we don't have, what we didn't have and what we, quite frankly will never have, but when are the times that we speak of the things we're lucky enough to have or accomplish? So take this opportunity to express the reasons for why YOU are still happy to be alive!

I am very grateful for:

- Being able to stay at my university after I almost had my offer taken away. There are so many people that wished they had my place or even just a place at university.

- In April I took a professional Actuarial Science exam which is recognized as one of a set of the most difficult (professional) exams in the world, self taught, which I paid for myself (bloody expensive!). I studied 'night and day' whilst balancing it with a job. In the exam room I was one of the youngest if not the youngest to take the exam, and my fellow candidates all had degrees (some even with PHD's) which I didn't. Now, I am not extraordinarily clever by any means, I admit that, and even now I am still incredibly grateful that I passed because it shows me that ambition and perseverance go a long long way!

- Last but not least, I am grateful to be able to eat the food that I eat, have the home that I have and the facility to clean myself whenever I need to because I know that there are many people out there who find it a struggle to even obtain those basic human needs.

Have a good day.