For those in support of Juan Williams' comments about his fear of Muslims, I wonder if any of you feel the same sympathy for those in the Middle East who feel the same way about us. Tens of thousands of innocents killed out of fear and hate by the U.S. and its allied forces in the Middle East? Unbelievable.


SIIC Leader Lashes Out at US Violation of Human Rights in Iraq
TEHRAN (FNA)- A Supreme Iraqi Islamic Council (SIIC) leader blasted the US military forces deployed in the country for their aggressive and brutal attitude towards the Iraqi people, and expressed surprise at the silence of the international bodies over the US crimes in his country.

"Since 2003 the US forces have been violating the human rights in Iraq through their aggressive measures," Sheikh Jalaleddin Saqir told FNA on Sunday.

He further pointed to the recent revelations made by the WikiLeaks website about the US crimes in Iraq, and reiterated that the US crimes are nothing new to the Iraqi people as the US troops have embarked on criminal actions in the country repeatedly and in different periods of time.

Saqir said committing crime is the nature and essence of occupation and no one should be surprised at such flagrant violations of human rights and savage actions by the United States' occupying forces in Iraq.

"I don't know why certain internet websites have now remembered that the US Army has committed violations of human rights in Iraq," he added.

WikiLeaks released late on Friday 391,832 secret reports called the Iraq War Logs that "document the war and occupation in Iraq, from 1st January 2004 to 31st December 2009 (except for the months of May 2004 and March 2009) as told by soldiers in the United States Army".

The reports detail at least 109,000 deaths in the Iraq war, including over 66,000 civilian deaths, more than the United States has previously acknowledged, and also describe the cases of torture and other abuses by Iraqi and coalition forces.

"The majority of the deaths (66,000, over 60%) of these are civilian deaths. That is 31 civilians dying every day during the six-year period," WikiLeaks said in a statement.

In one incident, in September 2005, two US soldiers saw a vehicle approaching in the dark on a main road near Musayyib, South of Baghdad. They waved their arms and flashed lights.

When the car failed to stop they fired warning shots, then opened fire with M249 automatic light machine guns. Each soldier fired up to 100 rounds, killing a man and a woman in the front of the car and wounding their children, aged six and nine, in the legs.

Many other Iraqis, including dozens of women and children, were killed at checkpoints, on roads and in raids on people's homes, according to the logs
In October 2005 a car approached a checkpoint in Baghdad in the dark and ignored shouts and flashing lights from soldiers of the 1st Battalion 64th Armour.

The troops fired a single warning shot and when the vehicle failed to stop they fired up to 15 rounds from their 7.62mm rifles, killing two children and injuring another child and the woman driver.

In another incident, on 14 June 2005, the driver of a maroon Opel ignored warnings from troops from 1st Battalion 5th Marine Regiment at a checkpoint by the Hurricane Point US base near Ramadi, central Iraq. The soldiers opened fire. Two children and five adults were found dead in the car.

On 29 September 2004 a US marine convoy was travelling on a road near Saqlawiyah, west of Baghdad when a car came up close behind. The driver ignored hand and other signals from a soldier in the rear Humvee to stay further back.

He fired at the car which swerved and plunged into a canal. The marines contacted Iraqi police to check the car. They found two women, three children aged 5 to 8, and a baby, who had all drowned.

In a dawn raid on a house in the western town of Rutba, on 11 September 2005, marines found only children aged 10 and under. A 10-year-old girl and a baby boy were killed and three other children suffered blast wounds.