Dating with an older divorced guy

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    Oct 24, 2010 9:57 PM GMT
    He and I knew through a website half a year ago. He is 50 years old and I am 27. He was just divorced from a woman whom he was married to for 30 years with adult children. We hit off very well and after a few months of dating, we decided to become exclusively boy friends.

    We are both pretty new to gay relationship. I had some unsuccessful short lived relationships and he only had a secret boy friend before he got married. But these don't prevent us from enjoying our adventure. Deep down though I am worried of some issues.

    1. We have very different personalities. He is complete type A, I am more type B. We had some fights I think because of our personalities. Though we were quickly reconciled, it makes me to think how we deal with this different in a long term as we are both unlikely to change. We also had a very short breakup, and he saw other guys instantly.

    2. We are probably in honeymoon period. But the relationship is serious long journey. I don't know anything about how to maintain a passionate relationship with a guy who is with woman for so long and now is back to gay world. Back in my mind, I still have insecurity of his determination and loyalty. He told me he is faithful to his wife until divorce. But gay world is so different from straight. I notice he still jacks off when I was not around. And he travels a lot which gives him many chances to explore things he hungers for so many years.

    3. He has a big responsibility with ex wife and children. They live fairly close to us and children visit him sometimes. They are still resentful to his quitting the family, not to mention of me. As long as I am a friendly and family-oriented person, I wouldn't like to be treated as hidden accessory of his.

    Overall, I would like to hear from you guys of any experience of dating or developing relationship with ex-married guy. How long your relationship last? How do you handle with issues I have.
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    Oct 25, 2010 2:38 AM GMT
    You handle them with patience, self confidence and god dose of common sense. Do not expect the children (whatever their ages) to come along too quickly. Just be yourself and accept a second seat when they are around and that part will fall into sense in trying to make them like or accept you as their whole life and perception of themselves has been turned upside down. Always encourage him to keep them a priority and you will be proud of yourself (as we would all want that and it will be noticed). Travel with him sometimes to get a sense of it and if it ever feels really wrong...ask your self why and trust your instincts...they are the most reliable thing we have.