Sorry, don't mean to get all politic-ey on ya'll, but this issue is near and dear to my heart...

Prop 23 is NOT a California jobs initiative, its a Dirty Energy Bill sponsored by, and funded by TEXAS oil companies, to repeal AB32, the California Global Warming Bill passed by the California State Legislature in 2006, which aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the levels they were prior to 1991. Don't let out of state special interests dictate what Californians believe is best for their state, and our extremely diverse and fragile ecosystems.
From Mt. Whitney to Death Valley, from the Costal Redwoods to the High Desert Joshua Trees, from the San Diego Beaches to Beautiful Lake Tahoe, our Golden State is simply magnificent. Lets Protect it. VOTE NO ON PROP 23!!!!!

Opposing (get the facts)



Read the Literature, make up your own mind on this controversial issue. But keep in mind this:

Excerpt from the The Herald (Monterey County): "California achieved greatness through innovation and the success of clean industries such as aerospace, high tech, film and education. At the moment, it is poised to lead the nation again through the development of various clean-tech ventures, but that would be wiped out overnight through a ballot measure intended primarily to help the shareholders of Tesoro and Valero and Occidental Petroleum."