Inhumane impact of DOMA

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    Oct 27, 2010 2:16 AM GMT

    Inhumane impact of DOMA
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    Oct 27, 2010 1:28 PM GMT
    Good article. I've been saying this here for about 2 years. DOMA has 2 parts: one that says US States can determine marriage for themselves, and the other less known one that says the Federal government will not recognize what those States call marriage if it's not straight. It's the second part the right-wingers & Republicans conveniently overlook in defending DOMA, and don't like to talk about.

    They try to make the issue one that's solely about States rights, knowing that DOMA goes much further. A convenient buzz word that conservatives have used in the past to justify segregation and many other civil rights violations. The mistaken contention that State constitutions supersede the Federal one has been a problem for the US since before the Civil War, and was one of its causative factors.

    An interesting argument they make: each State gets to say what marriage is. OK, the US Constitution has said that from nearly the beginning, we don't need DOMA for that.

    But if a State says that marriage only applies to straights, then that becomes the recognized law of the land everywhere. Yet if a State does permit gay marriage, that expression of States rights doesn't apply outside that State's borders, nor to any Federal benefits that entail to straight marriages. What happened to THOSE States rights? How come States rights only apply when we're dealing with straight marriage, but not gay?

    Well, of course we know the answer: because the right-wing is fanatically opposed to gay rights. Indeed, it is opposed to gays, period. That hostility is declared in their literature, their political platforms, their campaign statements. The only thing that really puzzles me is the naive gullibility of some gays themselves in failing to recognize and appreciate this danger to themselves.

    Perhaps experiencing lives of constant societal abuse creates in us a type of battered-wife syndrome, where we refuse to admit the problem and break away from it, but keep coming back for more. Call it battered-gay syndrome.