Couple of issues with my boyfriend

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    Oct 27, 2010 11:15 AM GMT
    I have a couple of issues with my boyfriend.

    1) We never seem to do anything.
    Over the last 3 days we spent together the most we did was go out for dinner and then looked in borders.
    We pretty much just sit in each others rooms and watch movies/go on comp.
    We only worked casually so we have a lot of free time together.
    I brought this up and said "it's been over 2 months since we went anywhere" and he didn't really say anything.
    Are couple supposed to go to new places, try new things?
    Or is sitting at home watching horror movies til 3am and sleeping til 2pm the norm?
    It's annoying because this weekend he is going to a halloween party with his best friend, dressing up and stuff and I didn't get an invite.
    Sometimes I think he takes me for granted.
    How can I rectify the situation?

    2) Our sex life is kinda static.
    He tried to bottom for the first time the other night but basically pushed me away straight away because it hurt (I was obviously going slow) but it was still too much for him.
    Usually our sex life consists of him just giving me a blow job/face fuck.
    He rarely lets me give him head or even jack him off.
    The other day I went to jack his cock off and he said "don't touch what you can't handle" and pushed my arms away.
    In the entire 10 month relationship I can count on one hand the times I've given him head.
    He said it "tickles" and he doesn't like the feeling.

    Sorry for ranting but how should I rectify these situations?
  • Iakona

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    Oct 27, 2010 1:40 PM GMT
    Hey there,

    At first I thought, all you need to do is come up with some fun things to do, and maybe he would come around, but if he is going to a Halloween party, making all the effort, then doesn't invite you....that's not cool....
    Also, it seems sexually, it's either his way or now way, to me this just makes him sound selfish....You need to sit him down and really tell him everything that you wrote's the only way to hopefully have things change....If he really loves you, then he will make an effort...
    Hope it all works out mate!
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    Oct 27, 2010 1:57 PM GMT
    Talk to him, and how you talk is just as important as what you have to say. So keep the language warm and interested.

    If he doesn't like your technique, ask him to teach you. Consider that he may get the best out of sex (for him) when it's with a passive partner. Some guys are like that.

    Tell him how you feel about not being invited.

    Take him out somewhere, if lounging about isn't your thing. Lead by example. If he shoves back and digs his heels in you'll know better where you stand and the likelihood of this relationship developing.