Warning: Those who don't like drama sh*t, it's best if u dont bother reading icon_biggrin.gif.

I know this sounds weird, slightly racist and sad, but I'm glad im single and asian. One thing im wondering is that, am i that complicated? is it just me? icon_confused.gif . I know i haven't done anything wrong to deserve such negligence and indifference, it's not really of utmost importance to care of what i feel(cuz no one really cares, lol). Is there anyone willing to listen/care to what i have to say?. I need my thoughts and feelings to be known, idk. somehow there are alot of things going through my mind: people who: care, don't give a sh*t, dumbasses and shallow-minded.

One thing i observed, that some people change cuz of his life experiences or maturity; they lose their will to show kindness and compassion. I'm sometimes Odd and weird, i know i'm smart. There's one thing i can say is that, i chose to stay: Kind, Compassionate, Unconditional, Understanding in terms of grave experiences. I'm bitchy, needy sometimes cuz i never had any attention when i was little, so im seeking attention(sad right?) to other people. I'm growing in mind and heart, i'm finally getting ready to head out to the world, there's only one major thing i need to do; to find that person that i could be w/ 4ever. Some people will probably say: "oh, you should try to get out and find him yourself". It's not that easy for me you know, i just want to find that person online.

The only thing that can supress this feeling is to sing it off. icon_smile.gif , I could serenade that person everynight if i have to. My love is really strong, if only i could share it. I don't mean to be self-centered and sh*t, but I can define myself as the one who just wants to be loved or : "If you love me so much, understand everything i have to say and will do everything to just be with me, I'll do the same way to you".

Haters will only strenghen my will to live on, im now unbreakable. cuz i know i have a big heart. icon_smile.gif .

This is my 2 heartfelt poems:

Number 1 poem: "My Angel"

You’re an angel that nobody can see,
Still an angel is what you are to me.
An angel from heaven is what you are,
In my sky you’re definitely a heavenly star.
You’re an angel with caring and grace,
You’re kind and sweet you have an angels face.
You have very graceful angel wings.
Happiness and joy are just some things
That an angel can give.
You’re the reason why I live.
In my heart is where you stay,
Even though I can’t see you everyday.
There are many types of angels in heaven,
A guardian angel is what I’ve gotten.
You’re eyes are like jewels that shines bright,
When everything is dark you give me light.
You’re my angel and I’ll always care,
You’re my angel and you know I’ll always be there.

Number 2 poem: "Do you care?"

You can walk past me,
And you don’t see a thing.
I just walk by with a smile,
But inside my heart is aching.
And I want to know if,
I mean something to you.
I want you to feel
All my feelings that is true.
I want you to see me but,
What am I suppose to do,
If you can’t and you won’t,
You don’t have a clue.
I walk back and forth to
See your smiling face.
I see you standing there
And it’s you I yearn to embrace.
I can feel your heart beat but
You’re so far away.
One smile from you can
Brighten up my day.
I want to you to see me but
What can I do?
If you choose not to if
You only have a clue.

I was hoping, that one day i could say those 2 poems to my future love.......

P.S. pls respect my thoughts and feelings by not copying my original poem.....