Davidsfarm' host David Rock was sentenced to jail in 1992

TORONTO -- The latest Canadian YouTube sensation is a convicted pedophile, according to a Canadian TV news investigation.Global News' investigative series "16:9: The Bigger Picture" on Sunday night revealed David Rock, who hosts the YouTube sensation "Davidsfarm," was sentenced to one year in jail in 1992 after he plead guilty to sexual assault, sexual exploitation and videotaping young people. Rock, who has attracted nearly 100 million YouTube video views for his online channel about people crashing cars on a London, Ontario farm, admitted to the Global News reporter that he had filmed young kids in compromising sexual situations. But he denied he was a sexual predator. "I've been clean for 20 years. I wasn't doing this stuff all along. It's women I'm after, not children," he said when interviewed on nationwide TV.Rock's fascination with cameras, which has landed him in trouble with Canadian police authorities, has also made him an online video sensation. "I'm the most loved and the most hated man on Youtube," Rock told the Canadian magazine news show. His detractors, Rock conceded, see him as "a dirty pedophile like Michael Jackson who's just trying to attract kids to the farms so I can rape and molest them." The "16:9 The Bigger Picture" investigation has also landed YouTube in a dilemma. Rock's car-crashing videos secure millions of page views and last year made him around $100,000 a year in checks from YouTube, he told the Canadian news program. But YouTube advertisers are also up in arms in being associated with a convicted pedophile. Officials for YouTube told the Canadian news show that, while unaware of Rock's past convictions, they have responded to advertiser complaints and stopped ads running on the "Davidsfarm" channel.