So i visited this guy yesterday with whom i have been talking recently.It was a friday evening and a horny evening.we planned to meet up.i went to his place.he was hot and in his late 30's.I could not wait to see him naked.I rubbed his legs. They were smooth against the me hairyicon_smile.gif He gave me a smile.he said he will come back and he went upstairs.i waited for so long.he was a stranger and so i had very little trust on him.he came back fast and fast enough to kiss me on my neck, my lips while i still took time to realise i have to acknowledge kissed him back, kissed him deep.I raised his t shirt and worked on his nipples.He did the same.I rubbed his bum.It was a cute.I could feel that and without an easier to proceed.We went upstairs. Once the room was locked, we unlocked ourselves;).i pull down his shorts to find the meaty monster pointing towards me erected.I catch hold of it, kissing him.he lowers my pants.we both are naked.i push him in the bed.he is lying with his cock standing.i crawl over him.kiss him, lick him.we are burning in passion.i wanted to spit on his mouth.he smiles and nods no.I kiss him.he then stands up.hugs me tight.kisses on my neck.i tell him "I dont know what to begin with you as i am stuck but i want to do everything".He was too much hot to handle.i get lower and admire his beautiful legs.i lie down.i turn him back.i still go lower to enjoy his butt beauty and the butt cheeky beauty.i kiss his butt cheeks and bite.He moans in joy.I collect my courage and try to do some rimming. i spread his butt crack and push my face against his.he moans in joy.i lost my gives me a hand and lifts me up.we both head to bathroom and the bathtub.Jerk off each other, kiss, hug, squeeze, jerk off, kiss, butt slap, i cum over his cock.i help him cum...sigh....and that is what two tops can do or atleast till now icon_smile.gif