I was towed in Los Angeles a week ago. I think the tow company broke the law, however. I parked in a commercial business lot, where it did have sufficient signs stating my car would be towed at teh vehicle owners expense, but the tow company didnt follow the word of the law.

According to the California V C Section 22658 Removal From Private Property (below)

[quote][cite]QUOTE AUTHOR GOES HERE[/cite]A towing company shall not remove or commence the removal of a vehicle from private property without first obtaining the written authorization from the property owner or lessee, including an association of a common interest development, or an employee or agent thereof, who shall be present at the time of removal and verify the alleged violation, except that presence and verification is not required if the person authorizing the tow is the property owner, or the owner’s agent who is not a tow operator, of a residential rental property of 15 or fewer units that does not have an onsite owner, owner’s agent or employee, and the tenant has verified the violation, requested the tow from that tenant’s assigned parking space, and provided a signed request or electronic mail, or has called and provides a signed request or electronic mail within 24 hours, to the property owner or owner’s agent, which the owner or agent shall provide to the towing company within 48 hours of authorizing the tow. The signed request or electronic mail shall contain the name and address of the tenant, and the date and time the tenant requested the tow. A towing company shall obtain within 48 hours of receiving the written authorization to tow a copy of a tenant request required pursuant to this subparagraph. For the purpose of this subparagraph, a person providing the written authorization who is required to be present on the private property at the time of the tow does not have to be physically present at the specified location of where the vehicle to be removed is located on the private property. [/quote]

Prior to payment the tow company refused to give me a photocopy. Fast forward 48 hours later, I called the tow company, again. And they refused to give me any documentation whatsoever from the property owner. My whole argument is based around the assumption they towed my car illegally without proper documentation from the owner.

Whats the likely hood of me winning this small claims suit because im going to be suing for my $152 plus 3x as much, which it allows me to in the law i posted below.

heres the link instead since i cant post the whole law.