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    Oct 31, 2010 4:46 PM GMT
    It always amazes me why people use these two words, the main features of our constitution, as negatives. "Oh, you're such a liberal!"

    This idea about no government involvement is just plain stupid. I've always seen the government as a watchdog over private enterprise, not something to fear. Republicans see nothing but a government getting in the way. Here is what the government does, and should do.

    1. Protect us. That's why we have armed forces. Government.

    2. Protect us from corporations that want to screw consumers. So we have things like the EPA, FDA, FCC, FTC and news laws to protect consumers from credit card companies, etc. Government.

    3. Protect us. Obama and his desire to have a health-care public option ONLY came about because private, for-profit health care insurers AND providers fail to keep their own costs down, passing them onto consumers. The place where greed and corruption should be the least, there is the most. Health care. Government is there to protect us.

    4. Protect us. Making sure roads and bridges and other infrastructure is up-to-date so people don't get hurt. Government.

    5. Protect us. CORPORATIONS are the ones having their products made overseas and killing U.S. jobs, not the government. That's why the government wants to impose taxes on such practices, to protect American jobs. Free enterprise is not doing it. Government.

    There are a ton more examples. I thank god we have people in the government who want to protect us. Conservatives and Republicans who want lax government involvement will only create a chaotic society pitting one man against another and allowing corporations to screw you and do whatever they want to you. And that doesn't even begin to address what will happen to your individual civil rights.

    So PLEASE, get out and vote, the right way, Nov. 2.

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    Oct 31, 2010 8:37 PM GMT
    Of course the idea of "no government involvement" is plain stupid. Who ever proposed that there shouldn't be a government?