Paranormal Activity 3

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    Nov 01, 2010 2:34 PM GMT
    After the sheer awesomeness of the sequel I believe there's plans for third installment, I can't wait! Some of the screenplay has been leaked, and it is looking even more terrifying than this one. Check out these details:

    00:01.00 - Twenty minutes of annoying couple chatting about a cam-corder and then talking inane rubbish with their family.

    00.20.00 - They set up cameras in the house because of strange noises in the basement

    00.21.00 - NIGHT ONE - Nothing happens
    00.22.00 - More inane chat, giggling and jumping in a pool for ten minutes. On the plus side, you get so see a bit of cleavage
    00.32.00 - NIGHT TWO - Nothing happens, but possibly a mug may have been swinging from a mug tree in the kitchen if you squint at it.

    00.33.00 - The girl from the first two films turns up. She's the cousin of the brother of the uncle of their next door neighbour. They chat about the price of donuts.
    00.37.00 - Hideous blood curdling scream from upstairs, where they discover the youngest sister of the cousin turned the tap on too quickly and got a spurt of water on her dress.

    00.40.00 - NIGHT THREE - Nothing happens. But the shadow of some hanging saucepans does look a little bit like a demon playing the piano.

    00.41.00 - They wake up to discover that something has spilt a cup of tea in the kitchen and written the word 'LAME' in remaining tea leaves. Girl from the first film realises that the demon is back.

    00.42.00 - Someone reads on the internet that ghosts apparently never write in tea leaves, so it must be a demon, and looking further they discover that demons that get fed up of spending 3 years rattling drawers, pinging spoons at people and gently opening doors backwards and forwards often get mad and target silly girls that can't act very well.

    00.49.00 - NIGHT FOUR - Home alone, the cousin gets out of bed in the middle of the night and hops on one leg for 7 hours and 42 minutes. Downstairs, a drawer opens very slowly, in the dark.

    00.52.00 - Reviewing the scary drawer and hopping footage from the night before the family try to convince the father that the house is under attack from evil spirits, but he thinks it's just the combination of the wind and a particularly fruity curry that they eat the night before.

    00.55.00 - NIGHT FIVE - There's a bang. That's it.

    00.51.00 - The following day the cousin gets out a ouija board, and communicates with an unknown force which spells out the words 'refund cinema ticket'. She then leaves the room, and the board moves a little bit to the right. When she comes back a door goes bang.

    00.55.00 - NIGHT SIX - a light comes on and then goes off again. Upstairs the girl from the first film wakes up and does 6 forward rolls into the toilet.

    00.57.00 - Reviewing footage from the previous night they call in a priest, but he is so scared by the awful acting in the house that he immediately has to leave. Meanwhile the girl from the first film chats to her cousin about when they were little and she accidentally opened a gateway to hell and whether or not that may be affecting their current predicament.

    00.59.00 - NIGHT SEVEN - lying in bed, the cousin awakes as something whispers her name. She screams and runs downstairs to find that something has stacked the chairs nicely, and done the washing up.

    01.02.00 - The following day they decide that it's time to leave the house, so they pack up their things. The cousin turns to her younger brother and says 'why are you STILL filming? f##k off with that camera!' Ready to leave, suddenly tboth girls have a change of heart and decide to stay one more night. In the garden a small gnome wobbles a bit.

    01.10.00 - NIGHT EIGHT - In the middle of the night the girl from the first film wakes up and walks downstairs, makes a peanut butter sandwich, stands in the kitchen with it for four hours, then eats it, and then goes back to bed.

    01.14.00 - Reviewing the peanut butter footage, the girl from the first film is terrified that she had no idea of what happened. They decide that they will have to leave after all as things are getting extreme.

    01.20.00 - Packing to leave, the girl from the first film is suddenly pulled by the leg into the fridge. Her family rush to save her, but when she comes out she's completely derranged and tries to attack them with a bottle of soy sauce. Her Uncle wrestles her to the ground and manages to overpower her. He ties her up in the lounge. Examining the fridge, he realises that mysteriously all of the eggs are out of date.

    01.25.00 - NIGHT NINE - Alone in the kitchen, the girl from the first film breaks free from her ropes and stomps up the stairs very loudly. She stares at the wall for 4 hours and then her face goes a little bit demony and she impales herself on an electric toothbrush.

    The house burns down but the family escapes
    No more sequels are made. Thank F##K for that

    'The filmmakers would like to thank the police, and the family, and also the thousands of film-goers that can be scared by wobbling saucepans'

    This was written by Longshot75 on the IMDB, thought I'd share it with you guys icon_smile.gif
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    Nov 01, 2010 3:13 PM GMT