so this is basically what i eat every day, dinner is a little different,
my question is, is this enough, and is it the right foods?

i work out 4-5 times a week, moderately,

my goal is to build up some more muscle,and get into shape, not looking to body build, and im trying to get rid of my stomach that i have left after losing 80 pds.

1 cup coffee, fat free milk


1 ww/bran flatbread - 90 calories
2 eggs scrambled w/ skim milk

1 protein shake w/1 cup skim milk


1 ww/bran flatbread
1 can water packed tuna w/ ts lowfat mayo
salad (not always)


sugar free/fat free ice cream -120 cal
8 almonds

sometimes another protein shake


chicken strips, or cutlets, or ground
vegetable side dish
potato or rice (not a lot)
salad with dressing

apple or apple sauce

is this too little calories,and what healthy foods can i add if i need more calories,