I know the election is upon us and we are all sick to death of the mud and the bickering....LETS ALL DO OUR PART TO END THE DEBATES...VOTE, IF YOU HAVEN'T ALREADY!

So, if any of these apply, do you know your "POLLING INFORMATION"...mine is as follows:

POLLING PLACE...Chapman Elementary School

1) State...OHIO
2) City Area...COLUMBUS (10)
3) Ward... 74
4) US Congressional District.... 15
5) State Senate District... 03
6) State Representative District... 21
7) School District... WORTHINGTON
icon_cool.gif Party affiliation....DEMOCRAT

Do you know what is on your ballot?

Mine has races for :

1) Ohio Governor and Lieutenant Governor
2) Ohio Attorney General
3) Ohio Auditor of State
4) Ohio Secretary of State
5) Ohio Treasurer of State
6) US Senator
7) US Rep to Congress (15th District)
icon_cool.gif State Senator (District 3)
9) State Representative (District 21)
10) along with a variety of local offices and judges and issues.....