This is what happend at the weekend....

(earlyer post)

I was at my mates house last night, were all having a drink ect. and her brother was their an i got a vibe from him an thought he could be gay! Well later on that night we all went to his house and while everyone went to sleep, he said (my sister was telling me that you thought i was fit) so i told him he was fit an he grabbed me and we started kissing an abit afterwards we were gonna go upstairs but then he freaked out for no reason an told me to go? What was that about? He got dead angry with me and slammed the door on me on the way out! lol

(another one of my posts)

After he chucked me out (my friend was also upstairs going with a girl, she's a lessbian) and she came with me after he threw me out and because i was pissed + pissed off i told her what happend an she went an told his sister, who am also good mates with an i've tried texting her but she's not speaking to me ? I text saying i was drunk an i was only joking but she's still not texting back! What should i do? i feel guilty now even though it's not my fault he kissed me.

And today i text her because apparently her brother has twisted it and said he woke up with me kissing him on the neck!

This is what i text...

Asif i would just come onto your brother! Do you think i'd come onto a straight person an risk getting my head smashed in!? It's just like (one of our close mates who's a lessbian) coming onto a lass, who know's she's not interested in girls! It's just something you wouldn't do! And you say your not interested, yet you still wont speak to me so it's pretty childish like init!

And she text back saying....

yeah i said i'm not interested! So why keep going on about it for! Asif you would do it either way... it's just fucking SICK!! So just stop going on about it for fuck sake!!

So i text back saying... I'm happy to leave it! I just wanted to know why you wernt speaking to me that's all!!

What did she mean by 'Either way' ? I feel like fucking shit although i dont see how all this is my fault seeings he kissed me first! I'm gonna leave it now though. But do you think she'll ever speak to me again? icon_sad.gif