I do have a question for Real Jock Studs:

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    Nov 04, 2010 8:42 AM GMT
    I just like to known what is a:

    Nipples ring do or stand for?

    Cock rings do or stand for?

    Balls ring stand for?

    I used to had both mine ear had ear ring but no more. Who hot with them on? If so, tell why and who is hotter them on?
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    Nov 04, 2010 3:48 PM GMT
    In the 60's - 80's there used to be a 'hanky code' where you can define a gay guy by his hankerchief (the colour, where he wears it, how it's folded etc... = top/bottom/into bdsm/oral only) and somewhere along the line things like jewlery and body piercings had a code as well but it isn't used anymore or most were fallacies. For example I've heard of things like if a woman wears a ring on her thumb she's a lesbian but then again I've seen more male surfers wear thumb rings than women.

    Body piercings don't have many associations like that that I'm aware of but a lot of guys I knew in high school wouldn't get an ear piercing in their right ears because it meant that you are gay (as well as navel piercings because it's commonly a 'females piercing') which is completely untrue.

    I think if you have a nipple, cock or ball piercing it means that you really like to be touched there and like how it looks on you, that's simply it.
  • buymeasoda

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    Nov 05, 2010 9:04 PM GMT
    ball rings (piercings) is mostly for looks.. it gives you something to pull in i guess but doen't heighten the feeling much