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    Nov 05, 2010 6:10 AM GMT
    If You Have the guts to say it to your friends behind my back, why can't you just SAY IT TO MY FACE!.

    I was kinda right on the part: "Kind people always get treated like trash".

    lol, call me what you want, look to yourself b4 you point a finger on me. lol. In that mirror is a sad-slutty-disgraceful-pathetic image of yourself(You know who you guys are). If these Insults don't work on you certain guys because you have been trained to not care, i always have my ways to really crack those impenetrable shells. If you say something back at me, it wont even scratch my sanity. I think you certain guys know if you get hitted on the spot, you reply A.S.A.P; it only proves i'm right in everything i taught about you guys. lol

    I may have some "Psycho" moments, but at least im sane enough to post logical things to prove how much of a low-life living-breathing being you certain guys are.

    I always showed positive attitude and respect to you certain guys.

    Just to let you know, Everything i can handle inside my heart; but saying sh*t behind my back when i was so nice to you guys? now that i can't bear.

    Thanks for your time, I really savored this moment of atrocity. icon_rolleyes.gif

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    Nov 06, 2010 10:28 PM GMT
    I asked a couple guys from one of the "southern hospitality" areas why so many people are nice to you then talk behind your back. His reply was "because it's better to be polite to people."

    I was like WTF! That's not being nice. That's being a two-faced asshole.