Hi, I've been browsing the forums for a while - lots of helpful advice here! I have a problem - I live in India, a very conservative society gaywise. I've been blessed to have a great education and a successful career so far as a financial trader, and love my friends and family.
As time passes, it is getting harder for me to live in the closet. A few weeks ago, my flatmate got suspicious, stole my email passwords, saw my mails, and found out I was gay. He got me to confess and outed me to his friends. Word travelled fast, and now many of my friends know, and some have actually been very supportive. Someone sent me a couple of anonymous mails threatening to out me to my family (which I ignored), and someone posted a Wikipedia page outing me (which I got deleted).
I think I can can deal with this, I'm trying not to get too distressed. However, the events made me wonder if it's worth living a life in a society which won't accept me wholly, and I'd always have to lie or hide or be harassed for no fault of mine. So my question is - do you think it's worth possibly jeopardising a good career with great prospects to emigrate to a more accepting country? Or should I just grin and bear it, and hope people start getting used to it in due course? Any advice would be helpful, thanks!