I was virgin till 21 for anal sex or sucking jacking.

I played around a little with like 3 people but never touched each other or anything.

My first was 24 I was 21 knew him for about 1 year and half thru young gay mans coming out group and the GLCC Center where I volunteered at and went to for groups.

I have been with 9 guys now.

I was with my ex 4y10m. Not the best of relationships and ended emensly bad.

So I am not one with a lot of experience. But.

I always feel like a freak because.

1 - I can cum 4-7x when i am horny.
2 - most i have came in one day was 12 x (24hrs)
3 - I very much like sensuality and touching caressing intmacy touching almost all the time. Exploring. Playing with body parts kissing nibbling massage.
4 - Sex is just not an act for me I really need to have feelings in order to have it and I usually want it more then just once. IE they cum then they are done.
5 - I am vers. I like / love both. I want it many more times then once. I want it regulary. If its weekend then a lot.
6 - I like to shower with man i am dating. I like to wash him head to toe. I like to caress / wash with scrubby stopping off at parts pay attention to and move on. I like to give cranial sacrial massage while washing thier hair and their hands on my hips, hips pressed together them relaxing kissing.
7 - I like sleeping with the man i am with. Cuddled up. Waking up to them. Morning sex and shower then off to work.
8 - I want a guy that we can be with our friend outside and private venue and hold him in my arms. Interlace our hands and fingers hold him close be bale to talk and laugh and kiss each other and just enjoy the simple things in life.

Now .... I know its tall order but. fuck. If i offer it is there not other people who offer the same.

Or am i just a freak?

I mean i know i like guys 27-35 or so and i know people say I have agism but ... I just know what i get along with and feel comfortable with unless the guy is younger and more mature and stable. I just trying to find near pear.

Anyhow I hope to hear from you all get peoples views experiences.