Yet another young man takes his own life. This has got to stop!

  • jc_online

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    Nov 08, 2010 7:02 PM GMT
    This time, the young man ran out in front of a semitrailer at 3am after leaving a suicide note at his home and walking over 10 miles.

    Who should intervene?
    The schools?
    The parents?
    LGBT leaders?
    Religious leaders?

    Interested in your thoughts...
  • mcwclewis

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    Nov 08, 2010 8:43 PM GMT
    That's terrible.

    I'm starting to think the schools should be doing more. Parents would be taking care of it, ideally, but as we've seen a thousand times, some parents just don't do their job.

    It sucks because I know what these kids go through.I was suicidal for a time, but a single visit to a therapist got me out of the funk I was in. I kept going, of course, because one visit doesn't work miracles. I was lucky enough to feel better just knowing I had someone to talk to that wouldn't judge me. I wish more people would consider therapy. A lot of people still consider it as being just for crazy people, but it's really not.

    So many people who suffer depression, whether from bullying, family issues, chemical imbalances, etc. tend to self-medicate, which I was guilty of. Speaking from personal experience, I can say that a temporary fix is not a fix at all. It gets worse if you don't deal with the actual cause.

    I hope to god this awful trend changes and we don't see another life lost because of ignorance.
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    Nov 08, 2010 10:04 PM GMT
    Suicide should not be this trendy. Even with the "scene kids."
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    Nov 08, 2010 11:31 PM GMT
    When I was in high school, everyone blamed Marilyn Manson for kids killing themselves in high numbers. The bullying was just something people put up with in school, or they did something about it.

    What ever happened to bringing a gun to school and shooting up the bullies when the bastards were picking on you? Someone's gotta teach these kids that suicide isn't solving their problems, and that if they're really wanting attention, they're going about it the wrong way.
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    Nov 08, 2010 11:44 PM GMT
    At this rate of frequency I'd venture to guess it's symptomatic of a deeper societal malaise, one that can't be addressed at such a surface level as making online videos with "don't kill yourself, life is super" messages.