Have you ever been.....

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    Nov 10, 2010 6:53 AM GMT
    ...LAST?...I mean ABSOLUTELY, DEAD, FUCKING LAST to finish a contest...like a race or a competition...and been OK, even happy with your last place finish?

    I have done a couple of competitions....( my first Triathlon and my first Marathon, both several years ago) and finished dead last in both...but I was pleased as could be and thrilled to get my finisher medals!....the personal victory was more important as proof to myself that I could do it, than any "prizes".....and beats the hell out of the notation of "DNF"!

    Anyone else willing to say you didn't "win, show or place"...and you were happy with it?
  • AvadaKedavra

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    Nov 10, 2010 6:55 AM GMT
    This post made me think of the special olympics for some reason.
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    Nov 10, 2010 7:03 AM GMT
    AvadaKedavra saidThis post made me think of the special olympics for some reason.

    ...funny...missing the point?LOL!...no I didn't fall and the others didn't come back and we didn't all cross the finish at the same time.....LOL!!!
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    Nov 10, 2010 12:28 PM GMT
    um, ok, so this may be kind of embarrassing to post, but I will...
    In 1994, I was the last to finish my first triathlon - at least I finished!

    I actually got lost during the biking portion (made a wrong turn and didn't know it) and crossed the finish line first...haha...got redirected and then hit the running portion just fine. I was so happy for myself, but damn, it was sorta embarrassing...they kept the timer stuff up for me for an extra 20 minutes and my good buddy was waiting for me right there.

    Meanwhile, I was a little surprised that in addition to the fruit and sandwiches awaiting us were also a free beer from the sponsor. Talk about an instant buzz.

  • Hokenshi

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    Nov 10, 2010 1:13 PM GMT
    No, I'm WAY too competative; something takes over and drives me on. icon_twisted.gif

    When I took my belt exam it was all conducted in Japanese and so everyone else had a major advance, being Japanese, of understanding what the hell was going on. I got more than a little nervous and so my competative streak kicked in and I pulled out all the stops; later I got told that I gave the best performance.

    The other side of it is that I don't tend to take part in something unless I know I have a good chance of doing well, I don't have to "win" I just have to not loose.

    This is why I tend to do solo sports activites.
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    Nov 10, 2010 1:19 PM GMT
    In high school, we participatd in this international contest.. where you have to put a skit together and perform it in front of student from round the world.... we came in I think 47 out of the 48 teams? And I heard the judge were being nice to us... YIKES !! icon_razz.gif
  • HndsmKansan

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    Nov 10, 2010 1:24 PM GMT
    Well the only time I can remember being "last" probably doesn't fit with the focus of this thread, but I was last......

    When I took the Series 7 for my investment license, it was taken on computer, was 6 hours long and you had to have 70% to pass the test. Many people don't pass it the first time around. Let me say I was incredibly thorough (more than usual), almost anal in my worry and when I finished (finally) the test room was empty, except for me. I thought I flunked. I scored an 87% and I hugged the woman administering the test when I found out my score.
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    Nov 10, 2010 2:04 PM GMT
    I think the only time Ive ever come in last (as an individual) is the very first time I did a 500m freestyle (20 laps) which was I think at the age of 10 or 11. icon_eek.gif From what I remember, thats been the only time tho.
    Practice makes perfect. icon_wink.gif
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    Nov 10, 2010 3:08 PM GMT
    I ran away from my first swimming competition. Ultimately I was the only one who got nothing. Instead I went to the cinema, so that my mom wouldn't know that I skipped; I had a really good time... Does that count?
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    Nov 10, 2010 3:19 PM GMT
    I don't give a crap about what place I finish as long as I finish. I'll never even come close to winning ( Kenyans at every race) so I just try to improve on my personal time and enjoy myself . Last would not bother me as long as I did my best.
  • CuriousJockAZ

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    Nov 10, 2010 3:30 PM GMT
    When I was 11 my mom entered me into a junior golf tournament. My mom was my caddy. I preferred saying I came in 16th, but truth be told there was only 16 kids in the tournament, so I came in dead last. And so ended my illustrious golfing career icon_cry.gif
  • Sk8Tex

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    Nov 10, 2010 3:31 PM GMT
    My first track meet in high school I came in not last but close to it (like 116 out of 150) and felt like crap for it because I trained really hard for it. In the long run I think I probably ended up blaming my track coach for placing me on the varsity team when I was a freshman.. but at least I finished the race. I felt good about that.
  • Jack501

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    Nov 10, 2010 5:56 PM GMT
    yeah, this brings back the embarrassing moment of my life. Due to my competitive side, my HS teacher threatened me to join the break dance competition or else I would lose my scholarship. I remember the song I danced to was billy jean by MJ and did the best I could but really not a good break dancer, I jumped out of the stage half way thru and ran home.... I was awarded 3rd out 3 competitors... ha ha... and was teased for the rest of my HS life.... bad memory.
  • swimmermatt10...

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    Nov 10, 2010 6:13 PM GMT
    Unfortunately no. I have been swimming since i can remember and that alone puts a very competitive attitude in a person, but growing up with an older brother and my dad (specifically mine, not just a dad in general) added A LOT of competition to my personality. I felt like i couldnt lose ever so if i get dead last in swimming im not ok with it, but i have learned to deal with it and not lash out at people. There is a difference.