Gays, Lesbians, Transgenders, etc, and cancer

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    Nov 12, 2010 11:26 AM GMT
    Currently I am trying to put some educational material together specifically applying to our group. There is of course the usual breast, prostate, etc. But I'm having trouble finding resources that would reach out to gay's and lesbians. Googled it several different ways and got a bunch of right wing nonsense. Anyone have any ideas? Not just resources, but maybe even suggestions as to how teach this info in a meaningful way to it's target audience?
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    Nov 12, 2010 1:04 PM GMT
    I work with a gay health non-profit, but wasn't aware there's a particular cancer issue with GLBT, as compared to the general population. Except, of course, for those cancers seen in some AIDS cases.

    Are you implying that GLBT have an unusual cancer risk, or that the response to cancer and its treatment is different, either societally, or among the GLBT themselves?

    I'll be spending a few days with the COO of the largest HIV/AIDS non-profit in Florida next week, as a few hundred fundraisers pedal their bikes down to Key West. I'll also be seeing my personal physician, who's the event's medical director, and a leading figure in gay health in this area. I'll ask them both your question, when I understand it a little better.

    BTW, among the HIV/AIDS agencies participating with us next week will be 2 you may know from Central Florida: Metropolitan Charities (Metro Wellness and Community Centers), and Miracle of Love.

    I'll be happy to direct you to resources for your research, if possible. And perhaps get you interested in our annual HIV/AIDS fundraising event, which includes participants from your own Tampa area. And I think my doctor could use a nurse on her medical team, which supports the bicyclists during their 2-day ride. It just happens that this year I have a sudden vacancy at a Key West gay hotel, from Sat to Tue, Nov 20-23, and a way to get you back to your car parked at our Miami starting point. icon_wink.gif