Israelis using the same scam 9 years later

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    Nov 14, 2010 4:04 AM GMT
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    Nov 14, 2010 4:34 AM GMT
    Ok who was teh cute guy at the end? ... icon_eek.gif
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    Nov 14, 2010 5:00 AM GMT
    IanCT you piece of shit the news says the these people CLAIM to be Israeli students. That doesn't mean they're Israelis. Ahhh forget it, I hope you join the Hamas cult.
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    Nov 14, 2010 5:55 AM GMT
    Is Israel still here ?
    Case closed.
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    Nov 14, 2010 7:02 AM GMT
    sxydrkhair> their [Hamas'] obstinate refusal to abandon violence as a means of resistance

    They aren't resisting the Israeli "occupation" but the peace process.
    At least Samxr admits they obstinately refuse to abandon violence & terrorism.

    sxydrkhair> were democratically elected and hold more seats in the Palestinian Legislative Council than any other Palestinian party.

    Why overlook that they were not elected President, Abbas was?

    This is like saying that due to the recent Republican success, Obama can be overthrown.
    Hamas rose to power in a violent COUP.
    They are NOT the "democratically" or "elected" government (executive branch).

    sxydrkhair> the failed US-sponsored coup of 2007

    Are you on drugs or again drunk on your propaganda kool-aid?
    The Hamas coup was not sponsored by the US.
    Fatah, which was elected to the executive, had no need to conduct a coup.
    They were already in power.
    Given the inability of Hamas to form a coalition government (despite having a plurality of seats), Abbas fired Haniyeh as Prime Minister.
    That's a standard operation and permitted by the PA Constitution and is not a "coup".

    All of which was conclusively shown in this topic.

    Free Gaza from what truly afflicts it: Hamas

    sxydrkhair> The idea that Fatah, a minority Palestinian party, can negotiate peace with Israel without Hamas and without the Gaza Strip, is simply a non-starter.

    Spoken like someone who is simply opposed to negotiations and peace.

    The PLO was repeatedly established as the representative of the Palestinian Arabs.
    These Arabs, including those in Gaza, voted for Abbas.

    The latest poll by Palestinian Arab academics based in Ramallah, released on October 24th, shows:
    If new presidential elections were held today, Abbas would receive 57% and Ismail Haniyeh 36%, and if competition is between Marwan Barghouti and Haniyeh, the former would receive 65% and the latter 30%.
    If new legislative elections were held today, Fateh would receive 45%, Hamas 26%, all other electoral lists combined 12%, and 17% remain undecided.

    Note: Restricting results to only Gaza yields a 59%-37% margin for Abbas over Hamas' Haniyeh and 67%-32% for Barghouti over Haniyeh. For legislative elections, in Gaza Fatah would win 53%-24%.

    sxydrkhair> When Israel talks about a Palestinian State, what they actually mean is pockets of Palestinian autonomy broken up by settlement blocs in the West Bank. This does not include control over natural resources, borders, air space, sea ports, or electromagnetic spectrum. And, of course, Jerusalem is not on the table at all. This is more or less what Ehud Barak offered in the so-called "generous offer" at Camp David and it is simply insufficient for a viable Palestinian State.

    Every one of these claims is a propaganda lie, as shown in this topic:

    In search of a solution to the Arab-Israeli conflict: UNSCR 242, Oslo and Camp David/Taba
    (Or: I support the Clinton COMPROMISE parameters. Do you?!)

    sxyhdrkhair> Israel's governing Right-wing coalition.

    Amazing how even this is a lie. Israel is governed by a left-right coalition which includes the Labor party.
    FACTBOX - Parties in Israel's new coalition government
    a new Israeli government... made up of right- and left-leaning parties

    sxydrkhair> One of the major downfalls of the Oslo Accords was the fact that while Israel was supposedly negotiating the details of a two-state agreement, they doubled the size of their settlements in the West Bank.

    Hardly. The majority of this construction was in areas that Israel would retain in a peace agreement.
    It is completely irrelevant... except for war-mongers seeking a pretense to avoid negotiations, compromse and peace.

    sxydrkhair> the freeze will de-facto end at the end of September. This is the only precondition that the Palestinians have for negotiations.

    So why did they wait until the 9th month of a 10 month unilateral freeze before grudgingly (under great pressure from Obama and others) come to the table?!

    sxydrkhair> Benjamin Netanyahu is not interested in peace.

    Isn't it funny how he contradicts himself? Netanyahu unilaterally agreed to a freeze in late 2009, to last for 10 months without extension. The Palestinian Arabs evidently squandered this (imposing other preconditions) and now we get the above series of spam propaganda lies.

    sxydrkhair> Netanyahu will certainly offer less than Barak did in 2000

    Again contradicting the claim that Netanyahu isn't interested in peace.

    Look, the longer you wait and the more you attack Israeli civilians, the less you'll get because you legitimize Israel's security needs. Israel's unilateral withdrawal from Gaza was a test which you failed miserably. Just imagine where we'd be today had you reciprocated with a peaceful gesture. Instead terrorism from Gaza skyrocketed. In Gaza, adjacent to the thinly populated Israeli communities in the Negev Desert, most of the rockets fired miss their civilian targest. But were Israel to unilaterally withdraw from portions of Judea & Samaria (formerly Trans/Jordan's so-called "West Bank") it would put Israel's population centers within rocket range.

    Isn't it time you stop throwing your childish terror tantrums - and thinking that you've accomplished something by this?